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Koolguru Finishing school provides a training session on real time project to provide practical knowledge , so the student can gain hands on experience on a live project in a real time environment of server based application.
While working on Real Time projects , one can gain the best experience of implementing the actual concepts of the technology which you had earlier learned just theoretically in your learning phase. You will actually learn the way the projects are developed at the companies.

The experience of getting to learn about how the concepts you had learned in your  classes are actually used in project development is itself very interesting. Through live project training you will get familiar with the development process adopted at the companies and the knowledge for the real-time project development .

Real Time Project  from Bizmatic Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Real Time Projects || Koolguru Institute photoAs we are an outsourcing and a software development company we have number of real-time projects from our clients to provide students to work on. Hence the students will have exposure to real-time projects during their project training rather than the dummy projects.  In the case if a trainee does not have sufficient knowledge of what is best for him/her, we can even help them during the project selection.

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individual training /corporate training

Once you are ready with project layout or design, the next important step you are required to do will be the coding part which will add the required to functionality to the components in the project. As an software developer you will be required to have the basic knowledge of Java programming. Hence, at Koolguru Finishing School during the live project training  we will, give you access to the expert software developers who can teach you the important concepts in software development. All you are required to do is to get the maximum knowledge from these  developers who are proficient in the  development work.